Rekindling the sacredness of Life

By Lorna Wridgway

Biodanza? Where do I even begin to write about this profound human development system that works magic back into one’s life. For me, Biodanza certainly added the magic of joy and connection to my life and enabled a re-discovery of aspects of my life I had forgotten or been completely unaware of. In some way, Biodanza prompted me to further explore my identity – my essence – who I am. Biodanza really is a life enriching experience and for me, over time, became a transformational journey. Biodanza gave me the impetus to create and re-create my life and to start to set in motion my vision for my life. In some sense, it rekindled in me, passionate and open-hearted living and increased my focus on the sacredness of life.

Before I discovered Biodanza in 2009, I was somewhat burned out and really going through the mundane and routine motions of life. At the time, I was just existing and not really living. I suddenly realised how much more of life there was to discover and experience and to learn about. It awakened me to the possibilities and blessings of life.

Rolando Toro Arañeda, who originated and developed the system of Biodanza, states that Biodanza is grounded in what is known as the Biocentric Principle. He says that; “The Biocentric Principle places respect for life at the centre”; and that “it re-establishes the notion of the sacredness of life”. In this way, Biodanza is about promoting, preserving and conserving life. One of the ways in which Biodanza achieves this aim, is that it combines music, movement and groups of people, to instil a sense of meaningful connection. Connection with oneself and with other human beings and fosters greater connection with humanity and the environments in which we live. Biodanza also brings a sense of playfulness, joy and creativity.

An amazing aspect of Biodanza is that it meets you where you are at without judgment and with acceptance. You simply arrive, move and connect. It does not matter who you are, where you come from, or your background, it embraces diversity and encourages ubuntu. You simply step into a circle of Biodanza, taking your place in the circle of life to share with others in the joy of living. Together we re-kindle the sacredness of life.