Biodanza – Reflections on Ageing


by Kerry Sandison


I started doing Biodanza in my 50’s and as I look back over the past 15 or so years I can see the ways in which it has transformed my life in quite extraordinary ways. Rolando Toro the founder of Biodanza said thatFear of living is the most frequent source of suffering” and that every act in our lives is either one that takes us towards life or away from it.

Despite the dominant cultural constructs about ageing and my experience of the real losses and sadness that accompany the process the great gift from years of doing Biodanza is a sense of youthful aliveness. Not the eternal youthful princess who fights the inevitable and stays perpetually immature but the vitality of my queen who dares to risk living despite what might be happening to my body. I want to enter and live my elder years, from a deeper yes to life, from the fullness, authority and creative energy to reach out and touch life again and again.  Carlos Castaneda said ‘to be young and vital is nothing, to be old and vital is sorcery.’  What a wonderful thought!

When I first started doing Biodanza I was so self absorbed, so worried about getting it right, so busy peeping to see what others were doing, so separate from the music and my inner beat that I was never able to lose myself in the music. My increased ability to become lost in the dance, to become one with the music, the movement, the other, has broken the moulds of my life. Living in the moment without needing to analyse, categorise,  theorise, judge, but moving from the place of a deep inner beat and rhythm that is at once ancient and new, at some deep core place familiar and yet also excitingly unknown and fresh.

Rolando said that Biodanza is a revolution and we are all revolutionaries. Every cell in my body knows this to be true. I am a flag waving, card carrying passionate member of this revolution because of how it has gently taught me to live more fully with greater courage, passion and love as I dance through the years of my life.