Judy Scott-Goldman

Judy believes that Biodanza is the best modality she has found for experiencing the fundamental truth that “Love is all there is.”

Judy qualified as a Biodanza facilitator in 2012. She facilitated a class for beginners with Alex Polson, in Pretoria and she very much enjoyed this creative collaboration. Following a system developed by Antonia Sarpe, a Portuguese facilitator, Judy and Alex are strongly focussed on becoming very skilled at leading beginners gently but creatively into the experience of Biodanza.

Judy is an independent consultant currently working in research and editing in the field of water in South Africa. She spends a lot of her days sitting alone, thinking and writing, which is something she loves doing. But she appreciates Biodanza as this complementary force bringing her back into a world of people, music and movement. Judy believes that the relationships you make through Biodanza have a depth and richness which is not easily found elsewhere in life.


Contact number


082 7892019