Biodanza – a source of growth and expansion in later years

By Jackie Said

From the first minute of my Biodanza experience, I knew that this was where I belonged.  That minute happened on January 14th 2009 (I think), it was my 62nd birthday in Bev Dallas-Orr’s beginner class.    It has been my lifeline, my holiday from life, my source of pleasure, growth and expansion.     It took me much time, two schools to reach my monograph presentation on August 4th 2017, where I finally became a Biodanza facilitator.

I have been co-facilitating a monthly class at the Home of Hope with Debbie Dickson for about two and a half years, with much learning, joy and love.  This is where I did most of my supervisions with Zephne Van Der Merwe, a huge thank you to her, for this opportunity , the gentle but profound nudge into doing my essays and supervisions, and finally my monograph.   My enormous gratitude to Carolina Churba-Doyle, the Biodanza Director, for her amazing teaching in this journey .  The transformations, growth and expansion in the girls at the home has been so wonderful to be a part of, I believe that Biodanza has afforded them the tools to form identity, empathy, feedback, gentleness and gratitude, amongst many other qualities also supplied and enhanced by the other modalities offered there, and a thank you to Verity Maud, for her organisation of taking the older girls on a magnificent live-in retreat for the past +_ three years.

I have now started my own classes only for 4 months to date , and am learning so much about humility, awareness, responsibility and deep love from this.    It feels to me that it has taken me 71 years to find my calling and I am blessed to have the resources at this time of my life to follow this calling, and hope I can do this for many years still.   I run a women’s only group, an am delighted to have found a group of women who enjoy, participate fully and are feeling the benefits of the Biodanza magic – their own growth and expansion.

I need to thank Christos Daskalatos, who was a big help and support and supplies me with my own well-being in such a beautiful way each week.