Biodanza – Rest in the embodied experience

By Gabriel Mizan

A few days ago I received a phone call from a friend: would you like to come and watch a beautiful show with me this evening?

I responded: so sorry dear friend, I’m really, really tired this evening, barely got 4 hours of sleep last night, I had a tough day at work and nothing seems to be going right! I’m feeling stressed, depleted and exhausted… All I can do right now is just dance!

Over the past ten years of doing Biodanza I have been observing this phenomenon time and again: before the class feeling physically and emotionally drained and ending in a state of vitality, exuberating with joy and elation. How does this amazing transformation happen?

I’m sure there is some kind of a “scientific” take on it, but for me it is like stepping into another field of existence. I can feel it happening the moment I stand in the opening circle, holding hands, the first piece of music starts playing… at that very instance something else seems to be taking over, “possesses” me, and something inside me shifts, opens, aaahhh, I can breathe freely again. It is like at that very moment I’m gently being transported to another world which has different rules of engagement, different vocabulary, where words like exhaustion, stress and worry do not exist anymore. It is a world where the body is the one doing the talking, troubled thoughts and weary mind can finally find rest in the embodied experience.

Biodanza made me redefine my concepts and broaden my understanding of activity and rest. I discovered that movement and dance can be as restful and restorative, and sometimes perhaps even more, than other “traditional” ways, such as sitting in meditation, vegetating on the couch watching TV, or even sleeping.

There is something about this special fusion of movement, music and connecting with other human beings in non-verbal, non-judgemental way that creates this transformation in the physical, emotional and spiritual fields of existence, a transformation which I can term nothing less than magic.

mindful embodied experience