Look out for the date of the next Festival in 2020

In March 2019 we hosted a joy filled day of dance, creative self expression, connection and community.

There is nothing quite as blissful than gathering with a large group pf Biodanza people. There is special kind of magic that happens when we all dance together. The BDFSA brought you the first ever Biodanza Festival in Johannesburg. Biodanza festivals are held globally with great results in local communities and we jumped on board to bring this experience to you!

Passionate about growing this movement we love so much, this was the perfect opportunity to experience Biodanza for the first time, introduce friends and loved ones to the experience and connect with our special community.

Dance has long been a fast track to Joy. Biodanza is a powerful system of personal development that utilizes music, movement & interpersonal connection to spark joy, creativity and a profound connection to LIFE. There are no moves to learn and absolutely no dance experience is required whatsoever.

We look forward to bringing this experience to you again next year!!