Cape Midwinter Celebration 28 July

Cape Midwinter Celebration 28 July

Sat 28 July in Cape Town

As a community, we gather midwinter to share (rain)dances with all Biodanceros from the Cape groups through a co-crafted vivencia by all practicing facilitators, followed by a ‘Bring & Share’ wholesome meal. Come spend time and meet the local facilitators, too … Local is lekkerrr !

Existential Creativity 10-11 August

Friday eve 10th & full day Saturday 11th August in Cape town with Zephne van der Merwe

In this workshop, we explore, reflect and strengthen our existential identity by re-connecting with the relationships in our existence. We journey through our existence with constellation, creative writing and three Biodanza vivencias. No previous art or writing experience required.

Tree of Desires in 24-26 August

Weekend – Friday eve 24th , & Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th August in Durban with Zephne van der Merwe

On this integrative creative journey you review your dreams, your desires, and goals for your next life phase, you create your own Dream Board, your own Star Guide and then like the astrologers of old, you start following your star, and strengthen your manisfestation power by sharing and dancing these desires.

Cape Weekend Spring Gathering – “The Odyssey” 7-9 September

Friday eve 7th , & Saturday & Sunday, 8th & 9th September in Cape Town with Zephne van der Merwe and Corrie Davidson

In this weekend workshop, we explore and unravel the ageless human story of Homer’s Odysseus and Penelope in “The Odyssey”. This heroic journey is also a spiritual quest, and with compassion we focus on the three existential questions : Where do I want to live? Who do I want to be with? What do I want to do?