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Natural high for health and well being

Mark started dancing with me in Kalk Bay about a year ago. He is a cancer survivor who is still currently undergoing treatment. He was referred to me by his doctor, who knew about Biodanza and said it should help. There is nothing more rewarding than to see how someone lights up and finds their inner joy, and then to witness them transforming slowly but surely into a happier and more fulfilled individual – more confident and consciously making more positive choices in life

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Growth and expansion in later years

From the first minute of my Biodanza experience, I knew that this was where I belonged. That minute happened on January 14th 2009 (I think), it was my 62nd birthday in Bev Dallas-Orr’s beginner class. It has been my lifeline, my holiday from life, my source of pleasure, growth and expansion. It took me much time, two schools to reach my monograph presentation on August 4th 2017 to finally become a Biodanza facilitator.

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Rekindling the sacredness of life

Before I discovered Biodanza in 2009, I was somewhat burned out and really going through the mundane and routine motions of life. At the time, I was just existing and not really living. I suddenly realised how much more of life there was to discover and experience and to learn about. It awakened me to the possibilities and blessings of life.

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Healing hugs are my version of Namaste

I started Biodanza thinking I was just going to dance, a little bit of jigging around a dance floor! Little did I know back then that it was going to be a magical elixir to a profound transformation where I ‘opened all the doors’. Of course, in order for the openings to happen, a safe and trusting space was going to be needed. A space where I could safely expand my heart, grow its capacity for abundance and to allow more love in…and out. Biodanza for me, also provided that safe place to feel into different emotions, experiment with boundaries, lovingly caress myself and others in a non judgmental way and practice great hugs!

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Biodanza – Rest in the embodied experience

Over the past ten years of doing Biodanza I have been observing this phenomenon time and again: before the class feeling physically and emotionally drained and ending in a state of vitality, exuberating with joy and elation. How does this amazing transformation happen?

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Reflections on Ageing

I started doing Biodanza in my 50’s and as I look back over the past 15 or so years I can see the ways in which it has transformed my life in quite extraordinary ways. Rolando Toro the founder of Biodanza said that “Fear of living is the most frequent source of suffering” and that every act in our lives is either one that takes us towards life or away from it.

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Group dancing improves health

Group dancing has been part of humanity from time immemorial. Gathering round the fire the clan united, sang, danced in rituals of healing and worship. Through the dance we expressed our identity as the clan, we expressed our understanding of the cosmos and we expressed our relationship to each other, the world and universe.

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Biodanza is Radical – it can heal relationships

Biodanza is radical – it was radical when it was created in the 1960’s and it has endured over the years and is still radical today. Whereas many may think that being an anarchist is to throw petrol bombs at the establishment – being an anarchist is looking into the eyes of another person and acknowledging them as a fellow human being.

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Free Dance – the Structure of Biodanza

A common mistake is to assume that totally unstructured free dance will elicit feelings of freedom and self expression. Actually given the opportunity to dance freely participants in a class will usually resort back to their patterns of movement governed by habits of behaviour.

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“Before Biodanza I was very shy, I would walk in the street and avoid making eye contact with others. I used to be terrified of standing up in front of other people. Through Biodanza I have definitely become more confident. Now I walk in the street, looking at others, smiling at them and I get smiles back.” Zola