Applications of Biodanza

Beyond classes

Biodanza is fun, contemporary and edutaining and can be applied in many different situations.

The scope of application ranges from health and wellness programmes, social activism in community centres and youth outreach programmes to Biocentric education in schools, and Biocentric leadership and organisational transformation work.

Social action

In South Africa we are proud to have many facilitators involved in Social Action projects that range from Groups of Elderly people, Drug rehabilitation centres, Young women and girls who have experienced abuse and children in rural community settings

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Biodanza in organisations

The purpose of applying Biodanza for organisations is to help teams to become more successful by integrating the wisdom of the mind, heart and body. 

Beyond our conscious words and thoughts our ‘feeling movements” help us access the wisdom lying dormant in our subconscious. 

Business is constantly engaged in attempts to create a more effective culture by encouraging employees to embrace core organizational values and desired leadership qualities. The outcome that business leaders aim to generate is movement toward success.

Unfortunately, whilst these values and qualities are well described and understood at an intellectual level in the organization, they are often not well lived, even by the leadership.

The reason for this lack of success lies in the fact that values cannot be integrated at a bodily cellular level via an intellectual explanation.

The use of Biodanza in Organisations invites people to feel and live these values into their own movements to embed them into their bodies. It goes further and uses appropriate music to enhance results. Appropriate music amplifies the intensity of people’s feeling allowing them to manifest “feeling movements” with ease. Each of their organic “feeling movements”, amplified by an appropriate music, creates a new somatic language that allows them to acces new frontiers and unleash their  full potential.

 In South Africa, Alain Willem and Chris Breen are specifically trained in Biocentric System for Organisation.


Biodanza in schools – Biocentric Education

Aqua Biodanza

Aqua Biodanza’ is a specific Extension of Biodanza with a slightly different structure and movements which are specifically designed to evoke the vivencia which Rolando Toro Araneda, creator of Biodanza has defined as ‘Regression to the Origin’ or ‘Regression to the Primordial’.  These vivencias are designed to induce a state of trance in the water and create the expansion of consciousness that follows from there.  Rolando explains that these vivencias create ‘Experiences of Beatitude’ and are characterised by; lack of duality; absence of boundaries; and, no differentiation between ourselves and the cosmos.  This is brought about by working with the qualities of warm water and transcendent ceremonies of which ‘Trance of Suspension’ is perhaps the ultimate peak experience in the water one could have.

There are regular shorter sessions in the water which like a typical weekly class on land can give one a taster that only a proper workshop can deliver.  Just like people have to ‘get used’ to the Biodanza class, so even those familiar with dancing, have to acclimatise to working in the water.  Trying it once and ticking it off your list of things to do is much like going to one Biodanza class and making your mind up about Biodanza.  Participants are encouraged to attend a few sessions so that they slowly can relax and learn to let go their bodies in the particular way in which the water demands.

Aqua Biodanza is offered in Johannesburg by Christos Daskalakos and in Cape Town by Corrie Davidson