Biodanza African Movement


For some, Biodanza is simply fun, guided expressive movement that brings a sense of renewal and optimism; for others, Biodanza is a journey into a process of profound growth and personal change.

Dancing regularly increases self-awareness, restores health and vitality and facilitates personal growth and healing

Biodanza ….. the Dance of Life


Biodanza, meaning “The Dance of Life”, is an integrative system, a form of free-movement which uses dance and music to promote self-awareness, restore health and vitality, reconnect to purpose and realize the full capacity of human potential. Its impact on the well being of individuals and groups is supported by scientific theory and research, and, due to its multidisciplinary nature, Biodanza’s reach and offering can extend into clinical, communal, educational, environmental and corporate spaces.


Biodanza ….. personal transformation through dance


Biodanza creates a space for personal transformation to happen, through the use of music, dance, and group interactions which foster connection. Rolando Toro Araneda, the founder of Biodanza, realised that music is a universal language, and that dance has the capacity to harmonise and integrate the mind, body and soul. He also understood that people have an innate need to feel joy, be creative, connect and relate to others in an intimate way, free of bias, judgement and expectation.


Expanded Consciousness – Expressive Dance – Meaningful Encounter


During the course of our lives we may have experiences that either inhibit or enhance our ability to live our lives fully. Biodanza is an enhancer,  reawakening us to the fullness of life, enriching us with moments of bliss, and instilling in us the feeling of being a part of something extraordinary –  a life worth living. However, the Biodanza experience is almost impossible to grasp cognitively… you will need to experience it, in order to truly understand its depth and full potential.


Biodanza ….. connection with the cosmic whole


Biodanza is an invitation to participate in a dance with the cosmos. The experience will open up a feeling of connection to all things and to the essence of the universe. The practice of Biodanza is deeply spiritual and humanising practice and attempts to re-create the lost unity between humanity and nature. 


The Biocentric Principle, which is the fundamental organising principle of Biodanza, is to put Life at the centre. According to this principle, we observe and follow the way that Life organises itself, we conserve Life and actively support the realisation of the potential and evolution of Life. We come to see that the expression of Life is the purpose of all Life.


Biodanza ….. feeling alive in the present moment


Through a series of dynamic movements and dance, set to a wide variety of music, we begin a journey called the vivencia, entering a world beyond words, an experience of the present moment. This regulates and integrates our emotional self, and strengthens our capacity for authentic and empathic relating. In vivencia we are in a state of full integration, of plenitude in ourselves and in our relationship to others and our environment. There is cohesion between mind and body – physicality and psyche. The more we experience integrative vivencias, the more they become a habit and are experienced often in everyday life.

It only takes a single session to feel energised, restored, revitalised and fully alive again. Read more about Biodanza

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Biodanza news and articles

Natural high for health and well being

Mark started dancing with me in Kalk Bay about a year ago. He is a cancer survivor who is still currently undergoing treatment. He was referred to me by his doctor, who knew about Biodanza and said it should help. There is nothing more rewarding than to see how someone lights up and finds their inner joy, and then to witness them transforming slowly but surely into a happier and more fulfilled individual – more confident and consciously making more positive choices in life

Growth and expansion in later years

From the first minute of my Biodanza experience, I knew that this was where I belonged. That minute happened on January 14th 2009 (I think), it was my 62nd birthday in Bev Dallas-Orr’s beginner class. It has been my lifeline, my holiday from life, my source of pleasure, growth and expansion. It took me much time, two schools to reach my monograph presentation on August 4th 2017 to finally become a Biodanza facilitator.

Rekindling the sacredness of life

Before I discovered Biodanza in 2009, I was somewhat burned out and really going through the mundane and routine motions of life. At the time, I was just existing and not really living. I suddenly realised how much more of life there was to discover and experience and to learn about. It awakened me to the possibilities and blessings of life.